From 1907 to today

When work began on planning the Zugerberg mountain railway, there were already famous mountain railways operating on nearby mountains whose sophisticated systems had earned respect well beyond Switzerland. For example, the Vitznau-Rigi mountain railway started operating in 1871.

The maiden voyage of the Zugerberg Bahn mountain railway was celebrated in the Kurhaus Schönfels in spring 1907. The early years were hard work. Fewer passengers than hoped visited the Zugerberg mountain. As of summer 1914, those who had previously come to convalesce in the healing mountain air of the Zugerberg moutain stopped coming.

The "Golden Twenties" finally brought the figures needed. The Zugerberg mountain was popular among visitors from far and wide.

The Zugerberg Bahn mountain railway was comprehensively modernized and renovated shortly after its 75th birthday. More renovation work was carried out in 2009. The Zugerberg Bahn was made wheelchair-compatible, with various adaptations at the valley and mountain stations and new panoramic carriages to make the Zugerberg mountain accessible without steps.

Zugerberg and the Zugerberg mountain railway are still considered THE recreation space for the Zug area.