Travel advice

This section contains useful information about your trip up the Zugerberg mountain.

Disabled passengers

Disabled passengers

Disabled passengers may take a carer and/or guide dog with them free of charge. The disabled passenger or the carer must have a valid ticket and be able to demonstrate appropriate ID.

The Zugerberg Bahn railway has a carriage which is specially designed for wheelchairs and people with restricted mobility. It can take you up the Zugerberg mountain without steps.

Travel for the visually impaired

Our drivers will be happy to provide you with the information you need. The Zugerberg Bahn mountain railway also has automatic announcements.

Travel for the hearing impaired

The Zugerberg Bahn mountain railway valley and mountain stations have screens providing information on the next departure, among other things.

Pushchairs and bicycles/bike trailers


The Zugerberg Bahn railway has a carriage which is specially designed for families with pushchairs.

Bicycles/bike trailers

From December 13, 2015 bicycles separate rates apply for Zugerbergbahn (ZBB). The bike tickets of Tarifverbund Zug are no longer valid on the ZBB. For children under 6 years of transportation of the bicycle is free. Free access to the Junior / Grandchild card for children (incl. bike) from 6 to 16 accompanied by a parent / grandparent.

Singel ticket bicycle ZBB 5.00 CHF
Multiple-journey ticket bicycle ZBB 30.00 CHF
Day ticket bicycle ZBB 27.00 CHF
Multi-day ticket Velo ZBB 162.00 CHF

Dogs and small animals

Dogs and small animals

The reduced rate applies to dogs.

Exception: Dogs of 30 cm or less at the shoulders (withers), cats and other tame animals can be carried in bags, baskets or other suitable containers free of charge as hand luggage.

Passenger regulations and GTC

Dogs and small animals

The reduced rate applies to dogs.

Exception: Dogs of 30 cm or less at the shoulders (withers), cats and other tame animals can be carried in bags, baskets or other suitable containers free of charge as hand luggage.

Passenger regulations

Valid in all vehicles and on the premises of Zugerbergbahn AG. Staff instructions must be followed.

Eating, drinking and smoking
With your support, we hope to ensure our vehicles are clean and pleasant.

  • Smoking, eating and drinking is prohibited on the vehicles.

Security and vandalism
Trains and train stations are public areas but they are not lawless:

  • Climbing over barriers and walking on the tracks are forbidden.
  • Blocking carriage or platform doors can cause breakdowns and is forbidden.
  • Walls, floors and other surfaces may not be written on, painted on, smeared, sprayed, glued or otherwise damaged.
  • Theft or damage of Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe AG and Zugerbergbahn AG property will be prosecuted.

With your support, we hope to ensure our vehicles are clean and tidy.

  • Rubbish should be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • Newspapers should be disposed of outside the vehicle.

Please ensure your conduct does not impede or offend anyone. For example:

  • Shoes do not belong on benches.
  • Dogs must be kept under control.
  • Noise must be kept to an acceptable level.

Only if permitted
The following activities require official consent from ZBB:

  • Sale and offering of goods and services
  • Distribution of flyers and brochures
  • Petitions, campaigns and surveys
  • Live music/recordings played loudly

Infringements of passenger regulations and failure to follow instructions from staff can lead to compensation claims, exclusion from transport or prosecution (art. 22 BPG, art. 59 VPB, clause 100 rate 600). Any cleaning or repair costs are charged to the offender.

Zug, July 2007/revised July 2011

General terms and conditions

1. General information

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "GTC") apply to all services as described below (hereinafter collectively "ZBB services") provided by Zugerbergbahn AG (hereinafter "ZBB"), irrespective of whether these services are free or paid. Additional terms may be applicable for specific ZBB services. The customer shall be referred to any such terms by ZBB prior to use of the ZBB service.

Irrespective of whether specific terms are applicable, the customer shall be deemed to accept these GTC when purchasing or using a ZBB service. If additional terms apply to ZBB services in addition to these GTC, then these particular terms shall take precedence over the GTC where they differ from the provisions set out in these GTC.

A written copy of the GTC can be obtained from any ZBB sales point or viewed and printed out from the ZBB website (

2. ZBB services

ZBB shall, in particular, provide the following services to its customers:

  • Transport services
  • Sale and/or brokerage of third-party events
  • Hire of sports equipment

3. Conclusion of contract

The contract with ZBB shall come into effect on unconditional acceptance, i.e. on purchase of one or more ZBB services at the ZBB sales points provided.

The rights and obligations arising from the contract concluded, including these GTC, shall take effect as of this point.

If ZBB acts as a broker, the contract shall come into effect directly between the customer and the event organizer on purchase of the service. In this case, ZBB acts merely as a conclusion agent with authority to collect payments for the event organizer in accordance with art. 418ff of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR).

4. Specification of services

ZBB undertakes to sell the services and hire equipment at the prices listed in the specification of services in the applicable brochures or electronic media (Internet/website) and other written material from ZBB. Special rates, special requests and auxiliary agreements shall only form part of the contract if they are confirmed in writing and legally binding.

ZBB explicitly reserves the right to amend the offers published by ZBB in brochures, in the electronic media or on other sources of information and to amend price information in all brochures and price lists prior to conclusion of the contract.

Other information material not produced by ZBB and/or information from third parties shall not form part of these GTC and is therefore not binding.

5. Sale of transport services

5.1 General information

A contract shall be concluded with the customer by virtue of the the purchase and issue of a ticket to the customer by the official ZBB sales point in accordance with the specification of services as set out in section 4 of these GTC.

5.2 Service problems

If ZBB is temporarily or permanently unable to fulfill its duties arising from the transport contract concluded for reasons which are beyond its control, this shall not give the purchaser of a ticket the right to make any claims against ZBB. This shall apply in particular in the following cases:

  • Discontinuation of services as a result of coincidence or act of god, such as wind or weather, strike or official orders
  • Overloading of transport systems
  • Operational problems, e.g. as a result of technical faults or power cuts
  • Interruptions or temporary operational shutdown of part of transport services as a result of construction or maintenance work.

Tickets exhibiting faults which have not been caused by the purchaser and therefore not working properly shall be replaced by ZBB free of charge.

5.3. Loss and abuse of tickets, passengers without valid tickets

If lost multi-way tickets or TVZG travel cards cannot be found, ZBB will replace them on presentation of the receipt or other proof of purchase. An administration fee of CHF 30.00 is applied.

Passengers must have valid tickets for the entirety of their journey. ZBB staff are authorized to check tickets at any time. On request from the staff, the ticket-holder must show a valid ID or comparable identification document.

Passengers without a valid ticket will be fined CHF 100.00 in addition to the ticket price. Their personal details will also be recorded. If the passenger is unable to pay the full ticket price plus the fine, his details will be taken down and he will be sent an invoice.

The following applies if a passenger is found to be misusing a ticket:

  • Forged tickets are confiscated. Passengers attempting to use forged tickets will be fined CHF 200.00.
  • Passengers using a stolen ticket will have the ticket confiscated and returned to the ticket holder. Culprits shall be fined CHF 100.00.
  • If a non-transferable ticket is used by a third party with the consent of the ticket holder, the ticket is confiscated and returned to the ticket holder on payment of a contractual penalty of CHF 100.00. Passengers using a non-transferable ticketed owned by a third party must buy a new ticket and also pay a fine of CHF 200.00.
  • However, we explicitly reserve the right to prosecute.

5.4 Abuse by ticket holder

If the ticket holder infringes the above terms or the passenger regulations or other codes of conduct issued by ZBB, fails to comply with instructions from ZBB staff or behaves in an improper manner (threatening other passengers, infectious diseases, etc.), ZBB can exclude him from use of the transport system. The company also reserves the right to submit an official complaint to the competent authorities.

In accordance with the Criminal Code (SR 311.0), criminal actions shall be prosecuted if they are directed against the following persons while doing their job:

  • a) Employees of companies with a concession or permit in accordance with articles 6 – 8
  • b) Persons entrusted with a job on behalf of employees as defined in a)

6. Third-party events and combined tickets

Third-party events are any events of any nature organized by third parties (hereinafter "Event Organizers") and advertised on the ZBB website (, for which tickets can be purchased from the usual ZBB sales points. In this case, ZBB acts as a broker for the contract with the event organizer. ZBB is not liable for any damage caused in conjunction with such events. Any claims for damages must be addressed directly to the event organizer.

If purchasing a combined ticket which is used for direct travel to the event using a ZBB transport service, the customer concludes a contract with the event organizer with respect to attending the third-party event, and a contract with ZBB with respect to the transport service. In this event, ZBB is liable only for its transport service in accordance with section 10 below. Only the event organizer or third party is liable for any damage arising from the event. The event organizer shall also define its on contractual terms for its event which it will publish or make available on request. If ZBB not only provides the transport services but also acts as event organizer, ZBB shall explicitly set this out in the service specification. In this case, ZBB is liable not only for the transport service to be provided, but also for the services to be carried out in conjunction with the event as set out in section 10 below.

7. Use and return of hired equipment

Sporting equipment hired by the customer shall be treated and used with the utmost care. It may only be used by the number of persons (including children) specified in the contract or for which the equipment is designed to be used.

The customer is not authorized to allow third parties to use equipment hired from ZBB.

The customer is liable for any damage to the hired equipment unless he can prove he is not responsible. Any damage must be reported to ZBB immediately.

The hired equipment must be returned properly on the last day of the hire period within the return times specified by ZBB.

8. Prices

Prices can be found in the relevant ZBB service offer or price list. These are subject to different agreements between the customer and ZBB. Price changes shall be published in good time and can be made at any time for a specific date. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Any increases in the VAT rate between the time the contract is concluded and the service is provided shall be borne by the customer.

Prices in brochures are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF). Prices quoted in foreign currencies are guide prices and are calculated based on the daily exchange rate. All change shall be given in Swiss francs.

For brokered transactions, ZBB shall undertake to forward payments received on to the event organizer.

9. Complaints

Complaints or objections relating to any services provided by ZBB must be notified to ZBB staff on site immediately. Acceptance of the complaint by ZBB shall not be deemed an acknowledgment of the claim. If the complaint is not reported immediately, the customer shall lose any claim against ZBB.

Any claims for damages must be submitted to ZBB by registered post within 5 working days of the completion of the ZBB service. Any reports, confirmations or evidence must be included with the letter. If a complaint is submitted late or note at all, any claims against ZBB shall expire.

10. Liability for services offered

ZBB undertakes to provide the agreed contractual services with due care.

ZBB shall be exclusively liable for the fulfillment of any obligations arising from the transport services in accordance with the Federal Passenger Transportation Act of 20 March 2009.

ZBB shall be liable for personal injury and damage to property caused by ZBB or its staff in line with these GTC and, on a subsidiary basis, with the relevant terms of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the special statutory requirements listed under section 11.

Where permissible in law, ZBB shall essentially only be liable for gross negligence and malicious conduct or damage. Any other liability (minor or medium negligence, causal liability) is explicitly excluded.

ZBB shall not accept any liability for personal injury or damage caused by failure to comply with instructions (e.g. ignoring signs, instruction boards, warnings and instructions from staff) or for negligent or malicious behavior on the part of the customer.

With respect to the sledge run from the Zugerberg railway mountain station to the Schönegg valley station, ZBB shall only be responsible for the legal duty to maintain safety. ZBB accepts no liability for accidents outside the marked sledge run from the Zugerberg railway mountain station to the Schönegg valley station. ZBB shall also accept no liability for any other sledge runs and hiking trails, skiing slopes and cross-country tracks marked by third parties on the Zugerberg mountain. ZBB shall also not be liable for circumstances arising from unpredictable events or acts of god.

Any liability on the part of ZBB is also excluded in the event that combined tickets are sold. In this case, liability shall be restricted to the transport service to be provided by ZBB. ZBB accepts no liability for damages arising from the third-party event.

11. Special liability terms

The liability terms set out in the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Swiss Federal Act on Cable Cars for Passenger Transportation of 23 June 2006, the Railway Act of 20 December 1957 and the Federal Personal Transportation Act of 20 March 2009 shall also apply.

12. Changes to General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and other provisions

ZBB reserves the right to amend these GTC and any other provisions at any time. Customers shall be informed of any changes to the GTC and the date on which they take effect in good time.

13. Customer data

ZBB shall undertake to comply with the relevant applicable data protection legislation when handling and processing any customer data and customer usage data. Customer data is only used to maintain and improve customer relationships, implement quality and service measures, maximize operational safety and in the interest of sales promotion, product design, crime prevention, generate key business data and statistics and for invoicing.

The customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if ZBB provides services in conjunction with third parties, ZBB is authorized to make customer data available to the third parties affected where this is necessary for the provision of the services. Otherwise, customer data may only be passed on to third parties with the explicit consent of the customer. The only exception is if it is a statutory obligation for ZBB to pass personal data on to third parties.

14. Severability clause

The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual terms of these GTC shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions set out in these GTC. The parties shall undertake immediately to replace the invalid or ineffective clause with a new regulation which comes as close as possible to the sense and purpose of the invalid or ineffective clause in a legally effective manner.

15. Final provisions

The legal relationships between the customer and ZBB shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law.

The place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the contract is the registered office of ZBB, 6300 Zug.

Valid from 1 January 2012